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James Clapper

Good Riddance, James Clapper

Most Americans have no idea who James Clapper is, which is unfortunate on many levels. First of all, they should know who the Director of National Intelligence (DNI) is. After all, the DNI heads the US intelligence apparatus and is a principal adviser to the president. Secondly, they should really know who this Director of Read More

Climate Aggreement

Big Oil Taking Tepid First Steps to Fight Climate Change

Apparently kicking and screaming the whole way, some of the world’s oil giants are finally taking some small steps to get on board with the 2015 Paris Agreement, which aims to reduce climate-warming emissions.Chief executives of seven major producers — none of them based in the US — have agreed to join forces “to create Read More

Tim Kaine

Hilarious Error Proves a Point

Journalists get a lot of emails from PR staffers pitching story ideas. More often than not, this is not earth-shattering material but rather a group that wants to get its name in the news or an individual trying to promote a book. Initially, that seemed to be the case on Thursday morning, when the American Read More

Donald Trump

The (Media) Empire Strikes Back

We at WhoWhatWhy have long predicted that the mainstream media would turn on Donald Trump – after they were done milking the attention he attracts for every ad dollar and page view. Still, even we did not think that they would do such a thorough job. According to an analysis of the network’s evening newscasts Read More

Donald Trump

Trump – an Army of One

Donald Trump likes to talk about the crowds at his rallies. He does this with good reason: Trump is drawing a lot more supporters to his events than anybody in this election cycle not named Bernie Sanders. The problem is that Trump’s campaign is pretty much a one-man show. Unfortunately for the GOP nominee, he Read More

Bernie Sanders

Sanders Takes the Sting Out of Wikileaks Revelations

In any other presidential election, the files released by Wikileaks would likely have had a major impact on the race. It’s not necessarily that they directly tied Hillary Clinton to any wrongdoing, but that the inner workings of a campaign must seem odious to any voter still buying into the notion that politics is not Read More

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton

Oboy — Russ Baker’s Rude Debate Tweets, Lovingly Culled

#Debate about to start and the champ is doing final stretching exercises. No, not #Trump…. @RealRussBaker, about to start live tweeting! — Russ Baker (@RealRussBaker) October 20, 2016 Incredible! No #ClimateChange in tonight's #debate! If anyone still thinks this country is remotely sane, think again. — Russ Baker (@RealRussBaker) October 20, 2016 #RachelMaddow says #Hillary Read More

Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, second debate

Russ Baker Live-Tweeted the Worst Debate in US History

The only good thing about last night’s presidential debate was that WhoWhatWhy founder Russ Baker live-tweeted it. #debate twitter. Sitting outside looking at Half Moon Bay, beautiful. Why make America great when plenty already is? — Russ Baker (@RealRussBaker) October 10, 2016 Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln… Trump. Nice ring to it, no? — Russ Baker (@RealRussBaker) Read More