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Audit the Vote

Everyone, from Donald Trump to Jill Stein, is questioning whether something is fishy about the vote totals in the presidential election. We aim to take a deeper look at alleged irregularities.

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton

Oboy — Russ Baker’s Rude Debate Tweets, Lovingly Culled

#Debate about to start and the champ is doing final stretching exercises. No, not #Trump…. @RealRussBaker, about to start live tweeting! — Russ Baker (@RealRussBaker) October 20, 2016 Incredible! No #ClimateChange in tonight's #debate! If anyone still thinks this country is remotely sane, think again. — Russ Baker (@RealRussBaker) October 20, 2016 #RachelMaddow says #Hillary Read More

Tim Kaine, Mike Pence, Vice Presidential debate

Russ Baker on the VP Debate

WhoWhatWhy Editor-in-Chief Russ Baker watched and live-tweeted the vice-presidential debate last night. Check out his observations below. #TimKaine says: "I am so much more qualified to do nothing than the other guy, he really isnt suited to the job" #VPDebate — Russ Baker (@RealRussBaker) October 5, 2016 #VPDebate between polar opposites #Kaine and un-Abel? — Read More

Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, debate

Russ Baker Offers His Take on the First Debate

As the saying goes, If I don’t laugh, I would cry. Here is a smattering of my instant tweets during the debates, from my personal twitter @realrussbaker. All offensive statements are accidental, unless they are intentional. Prediction?: SatNightLive style, Hillary will mock-stumble to make light of health concerns. Advisers concerned will bungle it. — Russ Read More