TVWHY: Counterintelligence—Part 5, Drone Nation

Part 5 of a new five-part documentary on the national security state, from the maker of Psywar. We do not necessarily agree with the accuracy of all of the material. But it is an enormously compelling and worthwhile watch.

(All five parts of the documentary have now appeared on our site. See Part I here; Part 2 here; Part 3 here; Part 4 here.)

Counter-Intelligence: V – Drone Nation from S DN on Vimeo.


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  • Torstentopp

    It says in the film that CIA killed Italian prime minister Aldo Moro as a part of operation Gladio. They probably killed Swedish prime minister Olof Palme too – in 1986. There was a former mercenary who lived in Sweden, he – Ivan von Birchan -was offered to do the hit by a Charles Morgan working for the CIA. He declined. He tried to warn Palme. This has been corroborated.

    see here:

    In addition the murder was a preceeded by a intense character assasination campaign, very active in this was an obscure political party called EAP, it is a part of the the american Lyndon LaRouche-movement. And it has in turn well known close ties to the CIA. So first psy ops then the murder.

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