TVWHY: Russ Baker on Obama, Surveillance, and the State of Freedom


Russ Baker, interviewed on InfoWars Nightly News, takes on the NSA, surveillance, privacy, the mindset and actions of the Obama administration, and the nature of power today.

Interview length: 23 minutes

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  • Dash

    Russ you do yourself and Whowhatwhy no favors by appearing on that wackaloon program. For good or ill anything associated with Alex Jones immediately gets discarded as coming from the paranoid tin foil hat contingent. Please choose your media events with greater discretion.

    • russbaker

      Appearances on programs of any kind do not constitute endorsements. The same is true for RT(Russian), PressTV(Iranian), or for that matter Meet the Press or Fox News. They are all platforms for getting WhoWhatWhy’s work out to a larger audience.

      • KGB

        By the way, don’t be put off by the title they gave the video on their channel, it’s purposefully misleading to get people to look at it.

        • SO

          I think that title is probably Alex Jones’s commentary on Russ Baker. Jones makes it clear all the time that he is no leftie. He was also very unsupportive of the Occupy Wall Street crowd, for similar reasons, I assume.

          • KGB

            A lot of the titles for their material has changed recently to be deliberately provocative as a tactic to hijack peoples curiosity rather than necessarily being any reflection on what they think about someone. And Jones did constantly warn about the Occupy being usurped and manipulated to undermine it, when that happened it lost the support of a lot of people, not just him.

    • Frank von Winkhorst

      For all of his problems, including his idiot anti-fluoride commercials, I having gotten more usable information from Infowars lately than from the Guardian and the Independent.

    • Britton George

      He talks about the truth of JFK assassination time and time again. Does that make Russ a “tinfoil hat” in your mind? If so you’re utterly confused.

  • SO

    I think it’s OK for Baker to be on the Alex Jones News Thing, but really good that Alex wasn’t there. I don’t think that conversation would have been productive.


      I agree. Seeing Mr. Baker sans glasses might of given the interviewer the vapors. Handsome devil he is.

    • Tori

      You think it’s okay? When will left-leaning people stop being afraid of information.

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  • PunkyAmerica

    I have a lot of respect for Russ Baker, and even had a chance to work for him back in the day, but tying his reputation to Alex Jones and Lew Rockwell is a huge mistake, imo. Both those men have a demonstrated history of fudging facts and jumping to conclusions for PR effect. Embarrassing, Russ. You shouldn’t have done it.

    • Britton George

      Don’t like it don’t watch the interview then. Alex has been doing it a lot longer then Russ or about as long so back off.