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  • thomas burns

    I’m glad your site is working out as well as it seems to be. I think if more people were exposed to your work they would be significantly more informed.
    As an aside, a question : Our Mainstream Media has become less interested in asking questions that may be critical of any politically established group or consensus opinion. Do you think that there is a role for disciplined “citizen Journalists” to play a helpful role in asking those questions.
    If yes, do you think you could publish a little primer on what it actually means to be a Journalist? What disciplines and responsibilities are involved? What does it mean to fact check and provide sources? Etc…
    The reason I ask is that I have been interacting with a lot of “self taught”,(journalists) a.k.a Bloggers and they seem to be the only ones taking on the most difficult of subjects. One of the best things about your work is that you are willing to ask difficult questions, placed in a realistic context and are able to provide sources and documentation without jumping to unrealistic conclusions.
    Just an Idea.

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