Fascists Infiltrate Greek Police

This video report portrays what can happen when economic times turn bad.

According to the report, Greek fascists and far rightists are responsible for savage attacks on protesters, as well on immigrants. They have also infiltrated the police. Gays and others outside the “mainstream” are also threatened.

Caution: brief displays of graphic violence throughout

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  • ts_3000

    Yes, Greece has many problems, including the issues highlighted in the video. However, I’d be more concerned about the Iron Triangle

  • http://www.911Blogger.com/ Orangutan.

    Yes, Greece has many problems, including the issues highlighted in the video. However, I’d be more concerned about how they killed 11 million people.

    • Fuss

      Yes, Greece has many problems…However, since I have NOTHING to say about this at all, I will just post a link to something else without making clear what the connection is. That’s my contribution!

      • http://www.911Blogger.com/ Orangutan.

        Well the fascism in Greece represents a symptom of the breakdown of society. My wording was a play off of ts_3000’s comment about the people at the top of the society who cause the breakdown. My video was about how historically societies break down and what steps we can lay out to avoid them. It also touches on how we can avoid these types of breakdowns where extremism and people like Michele Bachmann come to power. I love this topic. That’s why I felt like contributing. It’s happening in Greece. It happened in Germany. And there’s symptoms of it happening here in America as well.

        • eclipse

          and there is nothing whatsoever anyone can do about it. you cant stop the historical momentum. just enjoy the show.

          • http://www.911Blogger.com/ Orangutan.

            I don’t like your pessimism, but if that’s what you enjoy I hope you enjoy it. Take care.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1200351841 Jason Rahall

    Hope nothing like that gets so bad here in the US because so many citizens are armed that the fed govt would have to send troops into cities and counties to stifle the unrest – and I mean Abrams tanks rolling down Main Street. It would get ugly fast which is why our One-Percenter overlords wiould probably – hopefully – keep things from getting too bad. But we shall see.

  • Uncle Albert

    Cops, not “police”, please. “Police” serve the polis, the people, Cops serve the powerful. Cops are. more or less inescapably and by definition, fascists. That said, even they are generally better than no cops and some of them are even nice people, most of the time.

  • Scottv

    Fascists are not far right, they are socialists. They are not agitating for free markets.

    • http://eagainst.com/ Michael Theo (Julien)

      Fascists are far-right corporatists.

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