Documentaries We Like: Heist

What’s really happening in America and its economy? How did the greatest wealth transfer in US history happen? And is government really all bad—or is there an agenda behind vilifying it? This “coming attractions” raises some of those questions. Be sure and see the full film—you’ll be surprised by who takes what position, and may end up rethinking some of your own notions.

Heist Trailer from Tony Laidig on Vimeo.

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  • slowriøt

    thanks James for the heads up on this. hopefully the alex jones crowd will check this out.

  • Anonymous
  • Alvie Hughes

    People are turned off because we hear what you are against so tells us what your for.

    Example if greed is not good then maybe the motive of greed (profit) is what your are against and the service motive is what you are for.

    The positive well inspire. The negative will turn off.

  • Steven Berry

    I know that it is maybe the most difficult of tasks to keep from charging the palace gate in d.c. WITH A BUCKET OF TAR AND A FIST FULL OF FEATHERS but one day all will be set right..These low order turds think they have it made..but one day the King of Kings will have these  traitors before him and all I can say …they had better have worn fire -proof silkies…and an eternity to be alone to wonder how we might be doing…

    • Ricksha1

      pleeeeeeze———knock it off with your eligious mystifications stuff–rationality and awareness are what is neded today!

  • Jay Willette

    been here twice,, what I want to do is SEE this video.. not the trailer, not hype about it.. how in hell do I get to SEE?VIEW the damned video..  no links???

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