12 Questions About Bin Laden

Was Osama bin Laden intentionally shot? Weren’t they all sleeping at 1am local time—and why couldn’t the small number of people in the house have been immobilized with gas or stun technology? What was the internal policy on how to handle the ultimate hot potato—and what were the real preferences in terms of “dead or alive”?

Why did they first tell us that he “resisted” and therefore had to be shot? Surely, the SEALS and their commanders knew at the time what happened—and communicated that well before Obama’s speech. How did the story get screwed up initially?

Why did they first tell us that bin Laden’s party used a woman as a “human shield” when that was not true?   See above.

Why, exactly, did he have to be tossed into the sea? Why not say he was given a land burial, per Islamic law, in an undisclosed location—but do so in a location where his body could be exhumed were additional forensic work deemed necessary at a later date?

What about the timing of this event? Coming on a Sunday night, on the heels of the imperial good feelings associated with the royal wedding, shortly after a number of other carefully considered media events (e.g. the birth certificate release), all timed with the launching of Obama’s re-election campaign?

Can those who were tough on Bush apply the same standards and skepticism to the Obama administration, or is everything partisan and self-serving now?

Do we, after all of the years of lying, all of a sudden accept whatever the government says as true?

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  • You are right, Russ.. the news is breaking fast and furious. The questions that you ask are well worth pondering as we await more details from the White House. Thank you!

  • dennis james

    The guards probably woke up the people in the compound with their AK-47’s and RPG’s… Just a thought. (They were firing at the helicopters as they came in, helicopters are kind of loud, you see.) They tossed him into the sea so that his burial site could not be used as a shrine.

    • Anonymous

      what AK-47s? what firing at helicopters? where are you getting this? latest reports say there were only two guards, and they were inside, on the first floor, doesnt sound like they were well armed. re “not be used as a shrine”, I am not sure that’s a real justification–people will build their own shrine if inclined–besides, burying him in an unknown location would have eliminated the shrine issue–still doesnt address the reason for a sea burial.

  • Chaz4224

    yes all mainstream media is saying he planed 9-1-1, an investigation proves the falsehood of this statement since the taliban offered to turn him over if the u.s.a. showed them proof he was involved we went to war instead also the f.b.i. never charged him with this crime as they had no proof and he never claimed responsibility. in the 80’s we created the resistance fighters ,trained and funded them . bin laden was a c.i.a. asset ,he was our boy just like Hussein in iraq. I don’t believe anything this government says

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  • Candice Bernd

    What about the reports of him being shot a week ago? Many reports were saying that before the president made his statement and announced he launched the attack on Sunday.

    There have been plenty of rumors of Bin Laden’s poor health, that he was on dialysis at one point, and had kidney disease. CNN reported that he walked with a cane and had kidney disease on their little marquee beneath the main information on the screen, but I never heard them discuss that fact.

    So, if he was unarmed and was walking with a cane how exactly was he resisting?

    What about the release of the photos?

    He should have been tried in The Hague at the International Criminal Court.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, the inconsistencies need explanation. We’ll do something on that soon.

  • larry payne

    “Do we, after all of the years of lying, all of a sudden accept whatever the government says as true?”

    It is amazing how many people are buying this.

    No one on MSM is pointing out that it is illegal under international law to go into a sovereign country and murder anyone even if they are proven guilty, which OBL was not. It is obvious that OBL could have been taken alive since he was unarmed.

    But he couldn’t be taken alive if he wasn’t there so he had to be killed and disposed of quickly even if it means transporting the body a thousand miles to dispose of it in the sea.

    The photos won’t be released until the Photoshop crew have had time to do a better job than the last effort.

    • Rnga

      No one on MSM is pointing out that it is illegal under international law to go into a sovereign country and murder anyone even if they are proven guilty, which OBL was not.

      –Sure there is. At least one: Judge Andrew Napolitano. Please seek out his closing comments from his Monday and Tuesday night shows. An absolutely exquisite secular/legal explanation of why these actions are illegal. Then, look no further than R. Mendenhall’s recent comments from one practicing his religion of peace: We only hear one side of the story.

    • Just as an aside, recall that JFK’s transport coffin (the one carrying JFK’s corpse from Dallas to D.C.), was also jettisoned far out at sea, as were unenumerated bodies from the many CIA-sponsored operations known as “Uplifted Seaborne Assassination of Persons Against Trotskyite Regimes In or On Terra-firma (USA PATRIOT) Acts of 1956 through the present day.” And speaking of more recent cases of obstruction of justice, evidence-tampering and interfering with a crime scene investigation, there’s the three WTC buildings (#1, #2 and #7), the Pentagon, and the rolling hills of Shanksville, PA.

  • Not a chance.

    Do we, after all of the years of lying, all of a sudden accept whatever the government says as true?

  • You forgot ‘What DNA testing method was used that could turn results in a couple of hours”? Is there one?

  • Gotta love them NYPost headlines:

    OFFICIAL: Bin Laden dead — is there any proof that would withstand a Grand Jury inquiry? Did Philip Zelikow, author of the best-selling pulp fiction work, The Official 9/11 Commission Report,” write the press release/Obama’s speech? If it’s labeled “Official”, whether in all caps OR upper/lower case, doesn’t that mean the report, presumptively, is a lie?

    GOT HIM: Again, what proof?

    Vengeance at last! Vengeance for what? The unproven, so-called “attacks” on World Trade Center #1, #2 and #7, using explosives planted in advance? On the War Department’s HQ (aka Pentagon) by unidentified flying object-with-warhead? On the eight-mile strip of air-to-air missile/airliner chaff ending in a minor divot atop a re-sodded strip mine in Pennsyltucky?

    US nails the bastard: Has anyone EVER asserted that Osama was an illegitimate child? Do we have his birth certificate on file? Or is “bastard” merely the Post just cursing on Page 1 in 54-point type? (Just as an aside, is anyone remembering that John McCain was not a “natural-born” US citizen, so even if elected, he would have not been qualified to serve (he was born in the Panama Canal Zone, on Panamanian property then leased by the US government to do research on Aedes aegypti, yellow fever, etc.).

    Is anyone from the Christian Right, so-called, protesting that arrogant man is once again usurping the work of the Lord? (“Vengeance is mine,” saith the Lord.)

    And where’s the $2.3 TRILLION bucks of War Department money that Donny Rumsfeld told us, on 9/10/2001, was missing-in-action or and/or unaccounted for in a single budget year? If it’s $2.3 TRILLION every year, last year, this year, next year–well, pretty soon it adds up to some significant bucks. Where’s the NYPost black-letter headline on that!? We could buy a whole lotta tomahawks or plowshares with that booty.

    • On the John McCain point, The U.S. Senate’s understanding is that John McCain was born to U.S. citizen parents, though not on U.S. soil (although the base where he was born might be considered U.S. soil). That fact makes him a natural born citizen. If one of his parents were Panamanian that would complicate the situation. The citizenship of the parents matters, not where you are born.

      This, of course, underscores the point that some controlling legal authority has to definitively rule on the meaning of that Constitutional phrase or we will forever be groping about in the dark.

    • On the John McCain point, The U.S. Senate’s understanding is that John McCain was born to U.S. citizen parents, though not on U.S. soil (although the base where he was born might be considered U.S. soil). That fact makes him a natural born citizen. If one of his parents were Panamanian that would complicate the situation. The citizenship of the parents matters, not where you are born.

      This, of course, underscores the point that some controlling legal authority has to definitively rule on the meaning of that Constitutional phrase or we will forever be groping about in the dark.

  • OG Batfish

    Sorry. everything–almost– is partisan and self serving. MSNBC is just the liberal Faux News now. Avoid MSM

  • Anonymous

    OK, they finally got Bin Laden, living the high life in a mansion compound outside Islamabad, Pakistan.

    He deserved to die for the murder of Ahmad Shah Massoud (leader of the Northern Alliance). He deserved to die for the murders of two German intelligence agents, in Libya in the ’90s, who were investigating Bin Laden’s gun smuggling operation there.

    (Thanks to those two French journalists who wrote of this, their book published in 1996, who also mentioned that Osama’s top henchman was a guy named Chalabi, the brother of Ahmed Chalabi who would later figure in the Bush administration and the Iraqi invasion.)

    And, he deserved to die if he had anything to do with 9/11, but it still doesn’t change the composition of those passengers abourd those four airliners involved that day.

    Some of those poor souls were aboard the wrong planes at the wrong time, but others had been scheduled for various seminars and meetings and were meant to be aboard precisely that day.

    Two of the four airliners were DoD Special Charter, meaning they had to take off at the scheduled time, with specific reservations, but any open seats could be filled by commercial passengers. Also, as Special Charter flights they wouldn’t appear on the FAA’s commercial flight registry, which two of those four airliners didn’t.

    Those others aboard who were meant to be there, fell into three unique groups, and there were three other unique individuals who were meant to be aboard also.

    Those three groups: 1) individuals involved in the creation of a counter terrorist scenario at the Pentagon several years previously; a scenarior remarkably similar to what took place that day (this included an Israeli counterterrorist expert and one of the plane pilots who was retired US Navy, and several others —- an improbable confluence of passengers on the very same day); 2) individuals involved in with the development of remote piloting hardware and software; and, 3) individuals involved in the investigation of Flight 800.

    An incredibly improbable confluence; all in the same very same time frame.

    Along with these three groups, there was the highly insured Wife Number Three of the solicitor general of the Bush administration, after whose tragic death he would quickly move on to Wife Number Four.

    Another unique person, a young and attractive lady attorney from a rightwing D.C. law firm which was involved in successfully defending Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News in two lawsuits regarding their broadcasting of fictionalized “news” — the court ended up ruling that Fox could fictionalize the news.

    This lady was rumored to be involved in an affair with a senior married partner of this firm; not only an upper echelong contributor to the Bush campaign, but he himself had been a member of the investigation of the strange crash of Flight 800 (an attorney with zero aviation experience???).

    The third invidual, a physicist with the Directed Energy Section of the Naval Surface Warefare Center. During Reagan’s star wars program, officially the Strategic Defense Initiative, two phony and contrived operations were developed to mislead the Soviet Union: (1) an artificial earth-based missile strike against an orbiting satellite, and (2) an airborne “death ray” exploding a building below it (pre-set pressure charges in the building were detonated by a laser above which altered the barometric pressure in the building).

    The physicist had been involved in this operation.

    How very convenient that these three groups, and three individuals, were aboard those four planes on that fateful day?

    Highly compartmentalized, they had no idea what was to take place, and how their talents would be utilized by those at the highest levels who could pull all the strings like evil puppet masters.

  • MW

    The factual mix-ups for raise some interesting questions. Intentional or too rushed/caused by confusion.

    • Barbh0203d

      I can’t believe anybody takes the “official story” as anything remotely resembling the truth. They’re working out the bugs in the story right before our eyes. When they get to something most people can accept as logical, that will be the final official story. Everything before that will be “inaccurate reports due to the fog of war”.

      • Evidence of Revision “History May Be Revised As It Is Written” Conspiratus Ubiquitus

  • Editor56619

    Letter to the Editor of the New York Times:

    Last year, the Israelis went after an Arab terrorist responsible for the death of Israeli men, women and children. They got their target in Dubai. It was not a military operation, but rather one of stealth, very much like a Hollywood movie. The world quickly condemned Israel, as usual of course. This time, much of the anger was from European countries, since the Israeli agents had used various European passports. Those countries were indignant.

    Now we have the United States doing a military operation aimed at killing a terrorist responsible for the death of American men, women and children. One of the countries last year condemning Israel was the United States. Every country, every person, must do what is necessary to protect it from violence. And justice must be exacted, it is a law of every nation and people throughout history. Let us be careful in our condemnations.

    • larry payne

      The people of Gaza would have much more justification to go into Israel and exact some justice.

      Here are the figures:


  • KGB

    What I don’t understand is why kill him in the first place? He was probably *the* most highly valued informational asset in the “fight on terrorism” so it doesn’t make *any* logical sense to off him in favour of a collection of computers and storage media.


      1. eliminate his memoirs, all stories have two sides, now this one only has one. 2. reviving the 10 year old incident, revives the excuse for spending the (tax) money’s. 3. political approval ratings tanking, needed a common theme to draw the voters together ( this is a good one ), notice all the (possible ) younger voters. 4. If your looking to stir up a hornets nest in the middle east, creating a martyr isn’t a bad start, also helps to slow down or stall oil supply routes, if we won’t willingly adopt the green agenda, they’ll offer us another choice, NONE.

    • Barbh0203

      You can’t have an alive Bin Laden. Who knows what he might tell? He had to be eliminated. Think: Lee Harvey Oswald.

      • larry payne

        Think Timothy McVeigh as well

        • Rnga

          Think the Donnie Rumsfeld shaking his hand photo that is out there somewhere!Think The Donald Rumsfeld shaking his hand!

    • Big Fella.

      He knows to much about who what and when Goverment world wide have had dealing with terrorist for centuries and as the BBC “spooks” drama showed how they prefer to silence a problem then to trade the problem for another where do you hold him and what do you do with him once your done courts are out side the opptions lest something may be said that Goverments dont want know or said….common among spooks.

    • IRIQUOIS227

      if you speak of bin Laden, he died of Marfan’s syndrome for which kidney failure is a symptom. he died in 2001

  • Lancegmorton

    Taking your “issues” one at a time. There are no “clean” and easily remembered chronologies during events like this. We have numerous examples of “mis remembered” things when SWAT teams are involved. So, no one who knows better were the least bit surprised that all of the initial details were not 100% correct. We don’t yet know if a woman was used as a shield, if she jumped in front of bin Laden or not. Your “knowing” this is a leap of faith and telling, frankly, of bias. Your comment about bin Laden being “tossed in the sea” is also a tell. bin Laden, from everything we know thus far was respectfully buried at sea for the reason the President has given: no country was willing to have him buried in their country (no duh) and he needed to buried within 24 hours, so he was buried at sea. Frankly, I think this is your silliest point. If you were actually paying attention and not riveted on finding “exceptions” to what was originally reported you’d know that the assassination was planed for Saturday, not Sunday, but was postponed because of weather. You can do a better job of at least hiding your bias by ignoring evidence that contradicts your point without falsifying. Very disappointing frankly. Your accusation of the timing being calculated to insure Obama’s reelection is, frankly, crap. If he was going to do that he would have waited until it really mattered, like next October. History has shown clearly that this type of event will bounce the polls for only so long. The Seals had never done this type of extraction before so they were “newbies” going in. If one is a part of these things, though, protecting ones’ butt is number one priority and that was their instruction. Anybody makes a false move SWAT teams shoot to kill, as they should. We hire them to do their job over and over again and it doesn’t suit to have our “guys” taken out by a bad guy because we were too shy on the trigger. I was hoping to get some unbiased reporting when I bookmarked your website but this post was so disappointing, so obviously slanted that I’m removing. Too bad, too, so much of the news media is biased crap, so I have to really look for journalists and policy wonks who deliver facts not bias so I can make up my own mind. I don’t want to be in church drinking the kool aid. You have disrespected your audience with this post. Even those who have nodded on as they read through it will find something you say in the future emotionally untenable and will turn you off. Best to stay to the facts and let us decide but you haven’t done that. Ciao

    • KGB

      It’s not really that hard mate.

      1) The initial reports on this stated that Obama and Co. *were watching this event live*, evidenced by the photographs later published in the press. So it wasn’t just a “swat” eyes only – that’s a dozen additional people seeing the same ‘movie’. So unless they were using ‘shaky cam’ technology it’s unlikely there would be the kind of wildly differential story you’re implying – this isn’t a collection of confused bystanders but people singularly focused on the event at hand.

      However, in hindsight and in your defence it now turns out that according to their own CIA chief Panetta they couldn’t have been watching it anyway because there appears to have been an effectual operational blackout (time delay) – http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/al-qaeda/8493391/Osama-bin-Laden-dead-Blackout-during-raid-on-bin-Laden-compound.html | http://www.nationaljournal.com/nationalsecurity/chambliss-has-questions-on-bin-laden-raid-20110505 You can’t have it both ways though, either they all saw it and should effectively be telling the same story with *minor* differences, or, they didn’t see it and should have admitted that from the get-go.

      2) According to Al Arabiya one of Laden’s daughters confirmed (although this is currently independently unverified) he was captured alive, the women alleged to have thrown herself in front of the attack to protect Bin Laden doesn’t appear to have been (one of?) his wives – http://english.alarabiya.net/articles/2011/05/04/147782.html

      3) As for burial at sea, there appear to be what in effect are exigent circumstances, that being on a military ship with that kind of ‘target’, could have been accommodated quite reasonably – http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20110503/wl_nm/us_binladen_burial. So as has been reported in a number of newspapers, he was in fact *not* buried in accordance with requirements – http://www.al-islam.org/laws/burial.html

      4) The timing of this is reasonable speculation, based on how politicians use all manner of high-profile events to pump their campaigns with hot-air. You underestimate the lasting fervour this announcement will have in the long run… people will talk about this moment for the rest of history (for good or bad).

      5) SEAL teams have a *long* history of covert and ‘black ops’ action so it’s hardly likely the wider program or individual teams were ‘noobs’ – http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2011/may/04/seal-team-6-inside-osama

    • Barbh0203

      “The Seals had never done this type of extraction before so they were “newbies”
      You can’t be serious. Poor little Seals. There was never a plan of “extraction”. It was reported early that the mission was to kill, not capture. Grow up.

      • Big fella.

        Last extraction I heard of by the USA they got sand in the motors and it FK up big time mind that was some time ago..

        • larry payne

          Oliver North was involved in that operation.
          If it had been successful there would have been no “October Surprise.”

    • Disappointed William

      I’m out of here. But I just had to ask, “Were you just born a few weeks ago? If not you need psychiatric help, soonest, or you’re a govt hired commenter. Either way good night fool! I’ve got to get away from this crap!!!!


    Here’s an oldie but goodie, the tie that binds or it did for many decades.

    I pledge allegiance to the flag
    Of the United States of America
    And to the republic for which it stands
    One nation under god, indivisible
    With liberty and justice for all

    Growing up this phrase was recited each morning before classes started. We learned it, felt it, believed in it, and lived it. Of all the strong and important words contained in that message. I believe the most important and least focused on is, All.
    Where has it gone? I believe there’s a big flaw in the first sentence of these words, how about something like: I pledge allegiance to the ONE TRUE flag of the United States of America. Those two words used to be accepted and understood without them having to be written in or spoken.
    Today, to our demise, it doesn’t appear we have one nation any longer, it’s the US of mexican america, african america, muslim america, chinese america, cuban america, so on and so on. When our immigrant ancestors came to this country it was to seek out and embrace the greatest thing this world had ever experienced, to have a chance to assimilate into and be part of that melting pot, that banquet of all things possible, they worked hard, overcoming great adversities to become AMERICANS. Once achieving that, they held on to it with a vengeance, it was as valuable to them as life it’s self, this is, what we’re loosing ( perhaps already have ) that mom’s apple pie type of wholeness and goodness. For as it is with any pie, you remove to many slices and all you have left is an empty plate.
    So if you don’t mind, I’m asking you please, each morning before you start your day, try doing what I’ve tried to to every day since those of my childhood, close your eyes, put your hand over your heart and recite those precious words, you might find it uplifting, if only for a moment, but moments can turn into minutes, hours, days, years and lifetimes.
    Just my thoughts, thank’s for reading them.

    • Big fella

      One nation”Under God” was added it is not the oridginal 1935 there abouts…point made though..about USA Inc


        Agreed, had considered wether to leave it out, but thats what I was taught, and didn’t feel it for me to rewrite, but thanks.

    • Scotwd9598

      UM, dude, you do know that the “pledge of allegiance” was written by a radical SOCIALIST, and originally did NOT contain either “for the Republic”, or “under god”. Both phrases were added decades later. You DO*KNOW those *FACTS*, don’t you???…

      • Yes, you are correctamundo.

        The “god” part was added in 1954 during the McCarthy-ite Red Scare era. Can’t you remember those Birchers saying they’d scare the Commies into outing themselves by not saying “under god?”

        Good times.

    • Disappointed William

      Unfortunately, your Government isn’t listening and never did listen to that little ditty, especially after the Gulf of Tolken lie right up ’til today. I don’t want to even bring up the JFK murder. It’s too much.

  • Rmagnano

    Typical. Lie after lie. Eventually many will believe some of them. Just another way to separate us, while they are brewing up another scheme.

  • Al

    Sadly as we learned from the lies told to us about Vietnam, lying is not only the preview of one party. We do know that the two parties serve the same people.

    • Al

      and those “people” are not “we the people”.

    •    while I’m on a tear…. Right on, Al. We might make it a “meme”:

         Prevarication is the purview of the powerful,or

          Prevarication is the primary practice of the powerful (P, P, P, and more P)

  • Kurtiz5970

    I find it interesting that hours after his “so called death” he is given an “Honorable” burial at sea. (What honor did he show his victims in New York and other places?) No body, no pictures, no evidence at ALL that Osama is dead. It’s interesting that his DNA was confirmed so early too. I know that it takes a LONG TIME for law enforcement to get DNA results. Now, with the delay on release, any photos that show up will also be suspect.

    •    Well, I certainly agree that it seems suspicious that there was so little latency in getting UBL’s (that’s the Usama bin Laden FBI/CIA/NSA spelling, I guess from back when he was our ally, a CIA/FBI asset with courier Ali Muhammad, was it–the FBI/CIA/Special Forces/al Qaeda quadruple agent guy?) DNA run, supposedly (and does anyone out there know how long it actually takes to run a DNA screen once the cellular samples are in hand?). 

          And by golly it sure is suspicious that there is no “corpus delicti” to serve as evidence of UBL’s “death”–as I recall from experts like Perry Mason and Nancy Drew, it’s difficult to prove a murder charge when there is no corpse in the case, right? (I still can’t figure out why JFK’s “transit casket” from Love to Andrews was jettisoned at sea–sure, destruction of evidence, but what evidence?)

           But with this parenthetical of yours, “(What honor did he [I presume you’re referring to UBL] show his victims in New York and other places?)” I confess to being flummoxed. You suspect bad faith with every aspect of the UBL-laid-to-rest “myth” — Yet for the signal, primal, core, false-flag-foundation-laying lies of 9/11/2001, you seem (unless your sarcasm flew right over my head) to have bought the Official Myth, souk, blind and clinker. 

         What’s wrong with this gestalt? This “picture”? I’d strongly advise you to visit ae911truth.org (architects and engineers seeking, like a Guild of Latter-Day Diogenes, the real wassup-widat, the straight skinny, da trute about 9/11/2001, ‘cuz everyone who’s ever taken 8th grade science or high school physics–and remembers it–knows that WTC #7, #2 and #1 did not (en oh tea, NOT)  collapse so horribly, so symmetrically, so quickly, so beautifully, so professionally, spewing clouds of pulverized concrete up and out like chrysanthemum fireworks or roman candles in black and white, blasting and rocketing multi-ton clusters of beams from the facade and stabbing them into the sides of neighboring buildings as if an invisible Paul Bunyan were on the scene, playing darts, and finally, in the rubble on the street, on neighboring building roofs, leaving 2.9 thousand humans mostly smashed to smithereens, and leaving intact none of the 25 + 47 + 47  = 118 huge, cross-buttressed structural steel vertical columns (3 feet by 2 feet with walls 4 inches thick at the base and tapering in wall-thickness as they rose to 47*, 110, and 110 stories, respectively). And not to forget the molten iron sloshing about in the sub-basements of the three sky-scrapers, as if the sub-basements were not a parking garage but a large Allegheny-Ludlum steel mill producing billets of steel for foundries making Abrams tanks and other impedimenta for the US Military-Industrial-Legislative-Espionage Consortium.
         Detach your thoughts about the horror, the horror and just look at the videos of all three building collapses, “first one, bweeeemmm, then the other, shabooooom!, because the explosives were so powerful and so-well placed and so well sequenced,” as our “Harley Man,” the actor, might of said had he not been otherwise scripted.

         Tell me when you’ve ever seen a stack of pancakes dropped into the gravitational force-field of ye olde Earth, that first fragments UP and OUT before going DOWN. Up and out, up and out, up and out (kind of like “back, and to the left, back, and to the left,” for those old enough to remember.

         And then ‘splain me again how you can rhetorically ask: “What honor did he show his victims in New York and other places?” Dude, bin Laden had nothing to do with it, I promise you and anyone else who cares to use their own, perhaps God-given, powers of observation and ratiocination. Sure, magicians and others know how to use smoke & mirrors, but aren’t we smarter than the average bears and can figure that out?
      * No doubt the sidewalls at the base of the #7 WTC columns were not as thick as those of #2 WTC  and #1 WTC. And of course #7 WTC collapsed less theatrically, just another run-of-the-mill controlled, explosive demolition–see the website of the eponymous corporation (Controlled-Demolition.com–and this tape showing their master at “The Art of Demolition,” as they call it:  Click here to view our Implosion Video Montage: “CDI – The Art of Demolition”)

  • Ecyank27

    Russ, I have a tremendous amount of respect for you as a reporter. However, this is too much. You live in NY. You should remember what it was like on 9/11. He deserved to die and all of these little points are crap. This is a good thing for America and a good thing for New Yorkers. How about embracing the fact that for the first time since all of this began we can breather just a little bit easier when we step onto the subway.

    The whole conspiracy about the timing is ridiculous. You go when the opportunity presents itself. Sometimes things just work out that way.

    You wonder why people get annoyed at the media? This is it. All of the questions above. How about focusing on the positive here instead of always looking for the bad. In this particular scenario it’s really what is warranted.

    • Anonymous

      Listen, fella. I was AT Ground Zero when those buildings came down, and standing right in front of Building Seven when it dropped. I interviewed the families of the dead all week. I don’t need you telling me how to feel about the tragedy itself–nor how to feel about the way in which tragedy is constantly misused to advance other agendas. Your naivete, including that we “can breathe easier” is breathtaking.

      • larry payne

        Russ, you failed to mention what I think is the most important issue in all this. No concrete evidence has ever been given to prove that Bin Laden had anything to do with 911. The media created this myth with the help of the gov propaganda dept.

        • Anonymous

          You are beneath contempt.

          • KGB

            He’s actually correct: the FBI have never had any *specific allegations* against OBL for 9/11 – “Usama Bin Laden is wanted in connection with the August 7, 1998, bombings of the United States Embassies in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, and Nairobi, Kenya. These attacks killed over 200 people. In addition, Bin Laden is a suspect in other terrorist attacks throughout the world.”


          • And you are a mindless robot.

      • Anonymous

        Your bizarre column reflects only on you — not on the people you are aiming at. Yes, the lefty U.S. media has been a pathetic disaster almost from the moment the buildings collapsed, and yes, they have set a new low for partisan bias with their propaganda and O’Bonehead Cheerleading act.

        But you should at least attempt to maintain some semblance of professional integrity. You know the answers to these questions: We killed him because we wanted to, and have for 10 years; it was vengeance and long overdue. We threw him in the ocean to prevent the IslamoNazi vermin from creating an international IslamoNazi Shrine at his grave, and to pay homage to this administration’s Muslim-pandering fecklessness. The Bushies would have done the same thing.

        No, we weren’t going to bring this maggot back to the U.S. for a show trial — good thinking. Holder (spit!) would have ended up releasing him. This was a kill squad, duh.

        Timing?! The fu**ing “royal” wedding? Are you kidding? We’ve been looking for this maggot for 10 years — that O’Bonehead waited 16 hours is proof enough of his stupidity. As for the PR disaster from the Oral Office, what did you expect? This group of pathetic bunglers could screw up a one-car parade; how are they going to manage something so far over their heads, like terrorist espionage? They canceled O’Bonehead’s speech at GZ because they knew he would start blathering about “Pock-EE-Ston”, and people would spit at him.

        Stop posturing and let this story die now.

        • Disappointed William

          Boy, You are the dumbest person, but also the perfect example of why they continue getting away with the lies and deceptions. I’d almost feel sorry for you if it wasn’t so horrifying, just what pulling the wool over your head, is causing in the world. You make me sick!

    • idealist707


      Like stop thinking for God’s sake. Loosen up!

      Is that what you mean?  Or are you a front or shill for
      the establishment. 
      Go get paid, or go back to sleep.

      • Disappointed William

        Your so right. It’s guys like Ecyank27, that have me personally wondering how these people can exist being so stupid. Maybe ’cause I’ve been out of the country for 40 some years, I haven’t been brainwashed by the ‘local news’ like the population that lives there. Whatever it is it has to change and fast.

  • Pingback: More Questions on Bin Laden « 2012 The Awakening()

  • dee

    I thought bin Laden was already dead! According to the late Benazir Bhutto of Pakistan. She announced he was dead, around 2007; and was assassinated soon after. If the CIA visited him in a hospital prior to 2001, sick and allegedly on dialysis, how could an unarmed sickly man have been a THREAT to robust Navy Seals, probably armed to the teeth? I understand being buried at sea, if you die at sea; But being killed on land, then allegedly transported to be tossed into the sea “Cause no one wants him” is incredulous! After our government and media lies repeatedly, we are supposed to believe another round of hackeneyed media fairy tales we must accept as FACTS until they decide to label this farce,
    And if our government doesn’t pull our young soldiers and military out of Afghanistan (as http://www.military.com is suggesting) what is the NEXT ROUND OF LIES the military and the Oval Office staff will spoon feed the media about why our military must remain out there?
    Sorry, I guess I am getting a little jaded; but each and every lie that has been fed via the media, to the public since JFK, is simply too much.

  • Sammscript

    Bin laden has been dead for years. Brought out to justify torture, create war with pakistan and continue loss of civil liberties. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ATOkB7Rl1F4&feature=player_embedded wake up america.

  • Winddust

    Remember that the head of Paki ISI transfered $100k to Mohammed Atta a few days before 11 Sep 2001; The same man was at breakfast with congressmen in DC on the morning of 11 Sep01. The Deep State connections, could we but know them, would explain most of the events and counter-events associated with 11 Sep 01 up to the “disappearing” of Bin Laden last weekend. Probably none of the public statements are true, but, by design, there is no solid evidence to support or refute the official tale. So, most people “have to” believe what they’re told, especially if they’re told it over and over and over… Skeptics are shouted down or ignored, depending on the situational need of the Deep State.

  • David Cook

    There is much evidence that OBL died in December of 2001. David Ray Griffin wrote a book about this entitled,”Osama bin Laden: Dead or Alive?

  • Pingback: Demanding the Evidence on Abbottabad: Even the Media Establishment Is Wary – Progressive News Feeds()

  • Pingback: More Questions on Bin Laden – Progressive News Feeds()

  • Pingback: Interview with Russ Baker on the Peter B. Collins Show | lys-dor.com()

  • idealist707

    That they did not milk it for weeks is another surprising point.

    Guess they were afraid that George and Co. would get irritated
    leak the truth, that Osama was a CIA who had disappeared—
    before he could be terminated with extreme prejudice.

    • Disappointed William

      “George and co.” Don’t you realize that it’s all the same company, playing the same corrupt game. Look, up the photo’s of all the living Presidents having a ‘get together’. Clinton, Bush and Obama look like they’re long lost frat boys!

  • Pingback: Who–and what–are behind the “official history” of the bin Laden raid? | Intrepid Report.com()

  • Pingback: The “official” story of the Bin Laden raid? « Flexible Reality()

  • Dan

    This was to distract attention after the release of the birth certificate. Immediately after that document was released, numerous experts declared it a forgery. Obama needed a distraction.

  • beholder

    There is film of an immediate neighbor of the bin Laden compound who witnessed one helicopter land and explode when it attempted to take off again. Two other helicopters hovered but never landed and took off after the explosion. The man swears he witnessed incinerated human remains as he entered the cite before Pakistani military arrived. If this is true, how does anyone talk to a seal who survived?  How could there be photos that can be viewed by anyone?  And just exactly who accomplishes a sea burial of anyone? 

    • If true, it would be a different explanation (other than the first rule of assassinations, even fake ones) for the subsequent death of SEAL members on that helicopter crash.

      • IRIQUOIS227

        anybody know the max gross weight of a CH-47 Chinook? 38,000 pounds. there was that much aboard at the time with the men, equipment and fuel. Max performance takeoff, taking fire? hmmm

    • Disappointed William

      Without any of the 6000 crewmen on the ship knowing or seeing any “burial at sea”. Who writes this crap? Boy the politicians must know they can shove ‘anything’ down your throat and you’ll eat it!

  • Pingback: Why TV news is addicted to weather porn | Funeral Directors in Bolton()

  • There will always be a certain amount of ‘smoke and mirrors’ in every level of politics. It’s already been proven that a lot of what happens, or better yet, the disclosure of those events is actually ‘timed’ to concur with other events. It’s the same way a good coach draws up a game plan.  It’s not even too far fetched to think that Obama purposely delayed the emergency funding that  Texas needed to fight all of the wildfires so Rick Perry would have to be in Texas and not on the campaign trail. All presidents have secrets, but this president is made of secrets. Isn’t it strange that as well spoken and handsome he is there doesn’t seem to be even one ex-girlfriend has come forth wanting to sell an article to someone? How about his college buddies? Anybody remember him in any classes. Any of his teachers remember him?
    Not even one Chi-Town homeboy has said “I used to roll wit Barry O”
    Before him being a senator and his his involvement with Acorn, the only people that remember him are some relatives from Kenya that are not exactly in the US on good terms. This president seems to have stepped out from the looking glass, bringing smoke and mirrors to a whole new level.

    • Disappointed William

      Smoke and mirrors in the dictionary means: lies and deceit. They’re getting real good at it. Trouble is it’s killing innocent people!

  • Pingback: Who – And What – Are Behind the “Official History” of The Bin Laden Raid?()

  • Its all a conspiracy!! He was no Sea fairing Man , and YES –why the “Sea Burial”…so the US can never be challenged and have to provide EVIDENCE!!!! He is in the “South of France, chilling in the [wittness] Protection Program!! YOu are ALL IDIOTS if You think other wise!!!

  • Its all a conspiracy!! He was no Sea fairing Man , and YES –why the “Sea Burial”…so the US can never be challenged and have to provide EVIDENCE!!!! He is in the “South of France, chilling in the [wittness] Protection Program!! YOu are ALL IDIOTS if You think other wise!!!

    • IRIQUOIS227

      any evidence? the man suffered from Marfan’s syndrome. kidney failure is one of the extras you get with it. when’s the last time you saw a 6’5″ arab man? he died in 2001

      • Disappointed William

        SO true!!

  • What gas is that? 

    Stun technology?

    Why not magic unicorns?

    They almost certainly did not have to kill bin Laden, but questions about using tech that does not exist is pretty silly.

    • Guy Stauber

      Stun guns don’t exist?
      the Russians didn’t use knock gas on a theater in the 1990s ?

      magic unicorns don’t exist but the basic technology of gas or stun in everywhere!

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  • Pingback: Let’s Ask John Brennan About Politicizing Intelligence | Political Analytical – Insight and Analysis on Politics and Reason()

  • Pingback: Talk About Politicizing Intelligence! Meet John Brennan, CIA Chief Designee()


    let’s see. Husseins favorite was mustard gas, tear gas, such as that. stun guns, tasers, and etc. well Bill Owen if you are as s4upid as you clearly are best to keep your mouth shut and show this is the case

  • Pingback: Talk About Politicizing Intelligence! Meet John Brennan, CIA Chief Designee | WhoWhatWhy()

  • Pingback: Wag the Seal - WhoWhatWhy()

  • Disappointed William

    This is so much bullshit. Osama Bin Laden died in December of 2011; Here’s the obituary:

    The US govt lies so much, you could almost say that any time any President, Senator, Congressman or woman, makes a statement, it’s a lie. I mean going back a long 50 some years, Democrat or Republican. Makes no difference. And they and their friends are laughing all the way to ‘overseas banks’ and the hell with you. Worst country ever for a lot of reasons. Wake up America. It’s almost too late!!!

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