How Does Their Garden Grow? The Bitter Fruits of The Iraq Invasion

Bet you haven’t heard how Iraqi agriculture has been destroyed since the invasion—and how US agribusiness benefits.

That’s a huge story, and one you won’t see in the corporate-owned US media.

It’s a sad story, a tragedy, something that provides infinite perspective on the purposes and consequences of unnecessary war, and begins to explain why an invasion that made little sense has never been properly investigated. Answer: because so many big economic interests stood to gain. And the losers? Ordinary folks.

If this sounds to you a lot like what is unfolding right in the United States today, you’re not imagining things. But enough of this—let’s roll the clip. Click here to watch an excerpt from a coming documentary by Rick Rowley (brought to our attention by Brasscheck TV). And please, pass it along.

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  • Billy Chuck

    Thank you, Russ, for bringing this to my attention. I’m 100% certain I would never have seen this video if you hadn’t brought it to my attention through this site.

    We, the United States, have destroyed Iraq…all in the name of “liberating” it.

  • Planck

    Turning the land into Salt flats?

    The carpet bombing of Southern Iraq in the First Gulf War with enriched bombs with uranium have caused massive deaths in the next generation. This whole story needs exposing too in a discussion of the desecration of Iraqi land. What purpose uranium enriched bombs if not de facto clandestine genocide? For what purpose? For whose business? All that deviousness perpetrated on the Iraqi people by the First Bush administration and Carlyle Group LLP, and never remediated by a decade of economic sanctions under Clinton stooge. This whole story is the colonization like Britain of India!

    This media in NYC is despicable for never exposing the truth to the American voters after all these years. NYC seems to be imploding under the bad Karma of its main industries…such horror perpetrated from here and its devious money making minds since slavery and triangular trade. The Berlin of its age!

    • Andrew Atkinson Moriarty

      I applaud you for bringing this up. However, shouldn’t we mention the over 4,000 tons of DU warheads exploded in Iraq as of 2004? Shouldn’t we also mention their use under Bill Clinton in Yugoslavia and in his bombing of baby powder milk factories in Iraq (under the guise of trying to take out Osama bin Laden.) See my post below for sources. Somebody please verify.

  • Andrew Atkinson Moriarty

    Dear Russ,

    I have read before about the use of depleted (2/3ds fully enriched) uranium bombs used on Iraq. I read that it also has destroyed the lands ability to grow food, except pssibly with GMO crops. Do you know about this? One book on the subject is Metal Of Dishonor, a collection of essays by anti-nuclear activists. From these essays, I have come to believe that our use of uranium weapons has poisoned their lands and their people and their livestock. It has also contributed to the slow deaths of U.S. combat veterans and the massive numbers of vets who are 100% disabled. Just imagine the deaths of Iraqis from cancers, poverty, etc.

    I also once saw a picture of “W” sitting at a table with Lockheed Martin Marieta (the biggest manufacturer of Depleted uranium weapons) executives, smiling his ass off. It is one of the reasons I think of that Bush as one of the greatest mass murderers of all time. Maybe you could verify some of this angle and include it in your critique of the Bush Family of Secrets. Maybe you could use your credibility as a famous author to help blow this secret out of the water.

  • Andrew Warner

    Unfortunately it is not only the massive use of depleted uranium bombs and ammunition which will contaminate Iraq for decades and it most certainly can be considered as clandestine genocide. But it is also Paul Bremer´s CPA-Order 81 which after the destruction of Baghdad located national seed stock stipulates that nothing else but genetically modified grain may be purchased – from Monsanto and other related companies.

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