How Does Their Garden Grow? The Bitter Fruits of The Iraq Invasion

Bet you haven’t heard how Iraqi agriculture has been destroyed since the invasion—and how US agribusiness benefits.

That’s a huge story, and one you won’t see in the corporate-owned US media.

It’s a sad story, a tragedy, something that provides infinite perspective on the purposes and consequences of unnecessary war, and begins to explain why an invasion that made little sense has never been properly investigated. Answer: because so many big economic interests stood to gain. And the losers? Ordinary folks.

If this sounds to you a lot like what is unfolding right in the United States today, you’re not imagining things. But enough of this—let’s roll the clip. Click here to watch an excerpt from a coming documentary by Rick Rowley (brought to our attention by Brasscheck TV). And please, pass it along.


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